Among other things, blasting plants emit dusty exhaust air. According to various regulations and laws, strict guidelines and limit values may have to be met.

If the blasting plant itself emits dust during operation, or if dust comes out of the vent stack, measures other than mere measurement are required. Weaknesses can be uncovered with fluorescent test dust and a special UV lamp. Otherwise there is a risk of recourse claims from the neighbourhood due to flash rust damage to vehicles and buildings.

Such a test to localise the escaping dust is quick and easy to perform.

Sollte die Strahlanlage selbst während des Betriebes stauben If an accumulation of dust is found in the clean air compartment of the filter housing, the cause can be found quickly with special test dust.

Wenn Filterpatronen partielle Beschädigungen aufweisenWhen filter cartridges are partially damaged, the cause has to be found promptly. Otherwise the next expensive filter replacement will come due again in just a few weeks. Metallic dust escapes through the stack unless a downstream safety filter is installed. Rust particles will be found on all surfaces around the emission site.